Mommy Cow (lrigmodnaremos) wrote in fitnfriendly,
Mommy Cow

Achieving Your Goals

It takes over a month of repetitive action to create a good habit (or break a bad one). Just one day missed, will break your progress to creating a habit.

To aid with your goals and create a good habit or healthy lifestyle, I recommend creating a journal. Writing down what you do each day working toward your goal provides conscious thought about doing it. Eventually, the actions and journaling will become an established habit.

As a common example (weight loss):

Each day, in a notebook, livejournal, etc., list what you ate for the day. Include calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, or whatever you feel are relative to your goals. List your totals.

A good source for foods you are unsure of is

Below your food, list all exercise completed for the day. If you'd like, list an estimate of the calories burned.
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